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Sessions with our studio are nothing but exciting and super entertaining! Our crew is super fun and motivated, not to mention hilarious. We will walk you through posing and getting the perfect looks for your pictures! This not just your normal everyday photo session, this is an experience of a lifetime!

Our senior sessions last anywhere from 2 - 6 hours, depending on how many outfits you want to bring and which locations you choose. We ask that all seniors bring at least 4 - 6 outfits, and of course we can help you pick the best if you can not choose yourself. We want to give you plenty of image options that will represent who you are as a high school senior.

Girls we recommend you get those prom dresses out of the closet and bring them with you!

If you play sports make sure to bring your uniforms, trophies and ribbons. We want to make sure we show them off, after all these are BIG accomplishments!

Anything else you can think to include in your pictures, throw it in your bag and bring it in with you... (Surf boards, your pet and car might not fit... but you are more than welcome to bring them) Bring necklaces, ear rings and hats too!

Guys sports gear and gym gear is welcome in our studio, If you lift weights bring them too... remember we are a bunch of girls and probably won't carry them... so bring your muscles too!

If you are into golf, bring your clubs... and a caddy if you need one.

Baseballs, basketballs, footballs... or even band instruments... Bring what you have and we will make you look fabulous!

Remember you will only be a high school senior once, so make sure what you bring really reflects who you are right now!

Once you have been photographed, we will call the parents to arrange a studio viewing appointment, and yes we will put up sneak peeks on Facebook and Instagram!

Things to do :

Be at our studio on time, 15-20 minutes early would be great that way you can have a little extra prep time.

We want you to have as much time as possible with us!

Girls come ready to be pampered! Our hair and makeup artist will help you find the look that fits your session best! Make sure to wash your hair the night before your session, Please make sure your hair is dry before you come to the studio. Grab your stuff and get ready to have the best senior portrait experience in Jacksonville, NC. 

Guys please bust out that razor blade and shave the morning shadow ... an hour before your session is ideal... just don't cut yourself!