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Our Teen Model Reps will be part of our Be Fearlessly Authentic session for girls and guys a portrait session to fill in the forgotten photo years while enriching the lives of teens. Our Teen Model Rep Program is very similar to our Senior High School model rep program but is for Teens in grades 6th - 11th

Self Confidence building, self esteem boosting and individual uniqueness are key in navigating the teen years and we can help.

The goal of our Teen Program is to give teens the opportunity to be photographed professionally, and to look and feel beautiful and be confident in who they are.  It's something amazing that parents can do for their teen to boost their confidence and celebrate their uniqueness.  Teens will also have the opportunity to participate in a Group Photo session with other girls and guys as well. 

WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE? Parents often tell us that they were great about having their children photographed as babies and then life got busy and within a blink of an eye, that baby is now a high school senior.  This program will enable you to have your teen photographed professionally during those mid years - the teen years that often get lost in the shuffle of being so busy.

Parents have described the Michele Parsley Model Rep Experience as being motivating, encouraging, self esteem building and much more than just having their pictures taken

Teens who are selected for this program will become one of our Official 2016-2017 Teen Models.  We will announce them by name on our Instagram and FB pages. 
Images of our Teen Model Reps will be showcased on our Michele Parsley Photography website, on our Instagram and will be featured on our FB page.  They will become the New Teen Faces of Michele Parsley Photography.

1: Teen model reps will have the opportunity to participate in group stylized shoots with other teens throughout the year
2: Teen Model Reps will receive a discount on our regular session fee.  Our regular session fee is $250 - They will receive it for only $125. 
3: Teen model reps will have the opportunity to refer their friends to the Teen Program now and we will pay them $25 (cash) for each teen they refer who joins.  So throughout the year, if they refer 10 friends who become model reps, we will pay them $250.  There is no limit to how many people they can refer.
4: Teen model reps will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of contests throughout the year 
5: Teen model reps will have the opportunity to model for a local clothing store
6: We will teach them posing techniques, work with them on clothing choices and help them develop a Pinterest Board for their photo shoot/p
7: Teens who are a part of our Initial Teen Rep Program will receive a their own complimentary phone app of images purchased. 
8: Our Teen Model Reps will be the first to be considered for internships, focus groups, etc
9: We will supply our teen model reps with references when needed for job and college applications
10: Our Teen Model Reps will have first dibs at becoming one of our High School Senior Model Representatives. 

If selected to be a Teen Model Rep for Michele Parsley Photography, you will receive:
* A Professional Photo Shoot with Michele Parsley herself
* A Discount on your session fee
* Session at multiple outside locations
* Access to our boutique partners for outfit options
* 2-3 outfit changes 
* Personalized phone consultation with Michele to plan your session
* Assistance with clothing choices
* Incentives for referring your friends

Once your application is reviewed and approved we will contact you with more information. 
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